I’m Alive

Hi everybody,

I finished my run, wading in the Pacific Ocean at Wreck Beach in Vancouver, on August 20th as the sun set.

The reason I haven’t been in touch even to tell that, is because for the longest time I kept telling myself that soon I would catch up with blogging, and then I would have some really substantial stories to tell, and it would be a proper way to break the big news. Unfortunately, two months have passed since then, and I’ve been sucked back into this relentless vortex of real life. It’s hard to believe how much has happened since then! I’ve been just trying to keep my head above water since getting back days before my second year of grad school started.

But I wanted to let anyone out there who follows my blog know, however belatedly, that, well, it went according to plan. This blog is an unfinished work, and one I fully intend to revisit so I can finish the account I was really enjoying writing. I have copious notes and some entries already almost fully written. But I need time, and maybe it is for the best that I have a little bit of space from this epic thing which – however significant a chapter of my life – does not define me or my life as a whole.

So, to be continued, when I get some time to breathe…

Tired old shoes at Wreck Beach, ready for a hard-earned retirement.

Wreck Beach, Vancouver at sunset on August 20th, just as I arrived at my final destination and started asking myself, “what now?”



~ by edmundmilly on October 22, 2012.

2 Responses to “I’m Alive”

  1. We were wondering if you had made it safely back to Montreal. Looking forward to reading about the rest of your incredible journey from Gull Lake to Wreck Beach.

  2. I love the hole-in-the-toe! What a beautiful photo! The hole in the toe is well earned. Well done!

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