Article in the Gull Lake (SK) Observer, July 24

On a very hot day, as I was running and walking down the highway from Gull Lake to Piapot, a car pulled over, and a guy named Tim got out, gave me some water, and asked if I had time for a little interview for the local paper. It seems that a couple people had separately called into the paper office and asked them what I was doing. People needed to know! So I took a few minutes to try and explain myself / ramble semi-coherently, and Tim wrote this nice little piece, uploaded here for your perusal:

“He who travels always travels alone”


~ by edmundmilly on July 31, 2012.

4 Responses to “Article in the Gull Lake (SK) Observer, July 24”

  1. Edmund,
    Just a quick note to offer my support and enncouragement. As a former singer (opera) and current endurance athlete, I can feel every step and every note.

  2. Hola Edmund, I hope that all is well. Ran into you while riding my bike near Suffield in AB and chatted with you for a while on 7/21. Drove from MH up to Calgary and back on the 24th and kept an eye out for you on the road but maybe my timing was not ideal so I didn’t see you. Best of luck always and may the journey you are on treat you right and give you lots more to write about as it’s been a real treat to go through your blog.

  3. Edmund!

    Remember me? You stayed with us the first night after leaving downtown Montreal. Just to let you know that we are all inspired by your trip. Keep up the great prose!

    Pascal, Clémence, Anna and Alice

    • Hi Pascal! Wow, what a coincidence, because I was literally just thinking about you all… psychic link? Anyway, glad you all are keeping up with me and keeping in touch! Thanks again for being such great hosts, way back there on the island. Gosh, it feels like ages ago.

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