Itinerary (more or less final version)

Once more: if you know anybody who would be able to provide me with a place to sleep for the night and/or a meal, in any of these places, please get in touch with me ASAP! I’m basically planning to camp or bum accommodations unless otherwise marked. Particularly interested in finding places to stay for the nights that are not in the big cities.

May 1: Montreal, QC to Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue
41 km by canal path / Lakeshore Drive, beginning at Parc Laurier
Staying with a friend of Andrea’s at Mac Campus

May 2: Ste-Anne to Rigaud
34 km by Ave. St-Charles / Route Harwood / Chemin des Prairies

May 3: Rigaud to Alfred, ON
48 km by Prescott-Russell Recreational Trail

May 4: Alfred to Hammond
35 km by PRRT

May 5: Hammond to Ottawa
38 km by PRRT

May 6: Ottawa to Wyman, QC
56 km by Chemin de la Montagne

May 7: Wyman to Cobden, ON
54 km by Chemin Front

May 8: Cobden to Pembroke
31 km by TCH / Greenwood Rd

May 9: Pembroke to Deep River
46 km by TCH / County Rd 51
Staying with Kevin Myers’ family

May 10: Deep River to Bissett Creek
49 km by TCH

May 11: Bissett Creek to Mattawa
55 km by TCH

May 12: Mattawa to Bonfield
38 km by TCH

May 13: Bonfield to North Bay
35 km by Quae Quae Rd / Lake Shore Dr
Staying with Byrne Furlong’s family

May 14: North Bay to West Nipissing / Sturgeon Falls
38 km by TCH

May 15: W. Nipissing to Markstay-Warren
52 km by TCH to Markstay (or 40 to Markstay-Warren)

May 16: Markstay-Warren to Sudbury
39 km by TCH (from Markstay)

May 17: Sudbury to Nairn
50 km by TCH / Regional Rd 55

May 18: Nairn to Espanola
21 km by TCH

May 19: Espanola to Sables-Spanish Rivers
25 km by Old Webbwood Rd / TCH

May 20: Sables-Spanish Rivers to Blind River
78 km by TCH

May 21: Blind River to Iron Bridge
26 km by TCH

May 22: Iron Bridge to Bruce Station / Bruce Mines
47 km by TCH / back roads through Ansonia & Cloudslee

May 23: Bruce Station to Echo Bay
40 km by Gordon Lake Rd / ON-638 W

May 24: Echo Bay to Sault Ste. Marie
30 km by Ontario 17b / Queen St. East

May 25-29: Sault Ste. Marie to Wawa
221 km by TCH
Accommodation especially needed on either end of, or in-between, this stretch.

May 30-31: Wawa to White River
94 km by TCH

June 1-2: White River to Marathon
94 km by TCH

June 3-5: Marathon to Red Rock
205 km by TCH

June 6-7: Red Rock to Thunder Bay
107 km by TCH
Possible accommodation with friends of Ben Duinker?

June 8: rest day in Thunder Bay

June 9: Thunder Bay to Shabaqua
61 km by TCH

June 10-11: Shabaqua to Upsala
82 km by TCH

June 12: Upsala to Martin
62 km by TCH
I turn 25 today.

June 13: Martin to Ignace
45 km by TCH

June 14: Ignace to Borups Corners / Dyment
57 km by TCH

June 15: Borups Corners to Dryden
50 km by TCH

June 16: Dryden to Vermilion Bay
45 km by TCH / 48 km by ON-594 W (better)

June 17-18: Vermilion Bay to Kenora
93 km by TCH

June 19: Kenora to Clearwater Bay
29 km by TCH

June 20: Clearwater Bay to Falcon Lake, MB
41 km by TCH
(tons of campsites here)

June 21: Falcon Lake to Hadashville
52 km by TCH / McMunn Rd 41N

June 22: Hadashville to Ste. Anne
57 km by TCH

June 23: Ste. Anne to Winnipeg
47 km by TCH
Possibly staying with Rebecca Woodmass’ parents?

June 24: rest day in Winnipeg

June 25: Winnipeg to Portage la Prairie
86 km by TCH

June 26: Portage la Prairie to MacGregor
36 km by TCH

June 27: MacGregor to Carberry
45 km by TCH

June 28: Carberry to Brandon
49 km by TCH

June 29: Brandon to Virden
77 km by TCH

June 30: Virden to Moosomin, SK
64 km by TCH

July 1 (Canada Day): Moosomin to Whitewood
50 km by TCH

July 2: Whitewood to Grenfell
50 km by TCH

July 3: Grenfell to Qu’Appelle
72 km by N Railway Ave / TCH

July 4: Qu’Appelle to Regina
56 km by TCH / Dewdney Ave E

July 5: rest day in Regina

July 6: Regina to Moose Jaw
74 km by SK-730 W

July 7: Moose Jaw to Mortlach
41 km by SK-735 W

July 8-9: Mortlach to Morse
72 km by TCH

July 10: Morse to Swift Current
61 km by TCH

July 11: Swift Current to Gull Lake
56 km by TCH

July 12: Gull Lake to Piapot
51 km by TCH

July 13: Piapot to Walsh, AB
70 km by TCH

July 14: Walsh to Medicine Hat
53 km by TCH

July 15: Medicine Hat to Suffield
42 km by Saamis Dr NW

July 16: Suffield to Brooks
66 km by TCH

July 17: rest day in Brooks

July 18: Brooks to Bassano
51 km by TCH

July 19: Bassano to Gleichen
49 km by TCH / Township Rd 220

July 20: Gleichen to Strathmore
43 km (google bike directions to avoid TCH via back roads – same distance)

July 21: Strathmore to Calgary
50 km by TCH

July 22: rest day in Calgary

July 23-25: Calgary to Banff
139 km by Bow Valley Trail

July 26-27: Banff to Lake Louise
61 km by TCH

July 28: Lake Louise to Field, BC
25 km by TCH

July 29: Field to Golden
57 km by TCH

July 30-31: Golden to Glacier
85 km by TCH

August 1: Glacier to Revelstoke
63 km by TCH

Aug 2: Revelstoke to Sicamous
73 km by TCH

Aug 3: Sicamous to Salmon Arm
30 km by TCH

Aug 4: Salmon Arm to Chase
52 km by Skimikin Lake Rd / Turtle Valley Rd / TCH

Aug 5: Chase to Kamloops
57 km by TCH

Aug 6: rest day in Kamloops

Aug 7: Kamloop to Lac le Jeune
33 km by Lac le Jeune Rd

Aug 8: Lac le Jeune to Merritt
55 km by BC-5 S

Aug 9: Merritt to Coldwater River Provincial Park
53 km by BC-5 S

Aug 10: Coldwater River Provincial Park to Coquihalla River Recreation Area
70 km by BC-5 S

Aug 11: Coquihalla River Recreation Area to Hope
28 km by BC-5 S and Othello Rd

Aug 12: Hope to Chilliwack
53 km by TCH

Aug 13: Chilliwack to Abbotsford
33 km by TCH

Aug 14: Abbotsford to Burnaby
60 km by Fraser Hwy

Aug 15: Burnaby to Vancouver’s westernmost point
22 km

Aug 16-20: rest days in Vancouver/Victoria
(possibly with my dad. Fly home Aug 20/21.)


~ by edmundmilly on April 15, 2012.

3 Responses to “Itinerary (more or less final version)”

  1. curious as to if you have someone going with you? do you have anything being transported for you? are you carrying a backpack? very interesting and I’d like to follow your progress. We may know a few people you can stay with as well.


    • Great! I’d be most grateful for any hooks-up with which you can provide me, if you think they’d be ok with a visitor! Had initially planned to have a friend with me (driving his car) for the most desolate portions of the trip, but it fell through – see my most recent post for some info on that, and a bit on the backpack/jogging stroller thing.

  2. Have you tried

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