Supranivean Escapades

Snow is another kind of weighted vest, an obstacle that really raises the level of effort required to get through your daily run. My plan this week was to do 8 miles every weekday at a constant pace (my standard “easy” pace of 7:45 or so), and then 28 tomorrow, and I’ve stuck to it – however, weather conditions have made each of those runs unique. On Tuesday, it was very cold out, but the sidewalks were completely clear and I felt full of energy… it’s important for me to not spend too much energy in the weekday runs, so I tried to restrain myself, but the average pace came out 7:09, which is cool. At the other end of the spectrum, there was yesterday’s run: I struggled to keep a pace that averaged to 8:27 as I waded through uncleared snow a few inches deep, wearing goggles to keep out the snow, which was coming down hard and fast. Hopefully the sidewalks/paths in the park have been cleared today, but it’s still snowing, so I have that to look forward to again today.

Laurier Park (where I log most of my miles) an hour or two before I went out yesterday, and an hour or two before the storm really picked up.

This is what I wear while running on a day like yesterday: moisture-wicking compression top, another under armour fleece over that, and then a wind/water-resistant jacket on top. Under armour hood/balaclava thing (sometimes with my headphones underneath), goggles when it’s snowing hard, thinsulate/wool fingerless gloves that convert to mittens. Tights and my Merrell minimalist shoes (which are working out great in weather like this). Yesterday was my first run in these awesome knee-high wool cross-country skiing socks that my Mom passed on to me when I was home this Christmas… they’ve been in the attic for a few decades, and it’s cool to be putting them to use!

Abominable snowpheasant?

Here’s hoping for easier conditions tomorrow, because honestly I just don’t know how I would manage to cover 28 miles in super-snowy conditions. I guess I could always go to the indoor track at McGill and log the miles there, which would actually be kind of nice… also a unique psychological challenge, running around a 200m track over 200 times… and I could have my gatorade right there, and run in shorts.  But maybe I kind of like having established myself as the “crazy running guy of Laurier Park.”

I’ve been reading a bunch of Haruki Murakami lately and thinking about the different ways people conceptualize/theorize the phenomenon of pain, so I want to post something about that sometime soon. Murakami seems really interested in pain in all of its manifestations, and I think that comes partly from his being such a passionate marathoner (but who can say which came first, the chicken or the egg?) It’s exciting to see that his views seem to line up with the liberal Buddhist kind of thing I’ve been kicking around for a while, so hopefully something interesting will come of that.


~ by edmundmilly on January 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “Supranivean Escapades”

  1. nice word, Supranivean! Nice picture & snowpheasant caption, too – send Gmommy that picture, too!

  2. it’s good to hear the shoes don’t disagree with the weather.

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