Itinerary version 1.1

Do you live or have friends/relatives who live in any of these places? If so, do you think you might have a place for me to sleep, even if it’s just a couch, or a barn? I’ll be bringing a very minimalist outfit of camping equipment, but the more places I have to stay, the better. I mostly planned to stay in places of relative civilization to better my chances of finding somewhere to sleep and for stocking up on food, but if you have a place for me anywhere along this route I could change my plans. Especially if you live between Sault Ste-Marie and Thunder Bay, more or less along the Trans-Canadian Highway, or anywhere in the Vancouver area.

May 1: Montreal, QC to Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue (21-26 miles, depending on route)

May 2: Ste-Anne to Rigaud (21 miles)

May 3: Rigaud to Alfred, ON (25 miles)

May 4: Alfred to Hammond (23 miles)

May 5: Hammond to Ottawa (25 miles)

May 6: Ottawa to Wyman, QC (35 miles)

May 7: Wyman to Cobden, ON (34 miles)

May 8: Cobden to Pembroke (19 miles)

May 9: Pembroke to Deep River (29 miles)

May 10: Deep River to Bissett Creek (31 miles)

May 11: Bissett Creek to Mattawa (34 miles)

May 12: Mattawa to Bonfield (23 miles)

May 13: Bonfield to North Bay (22 miles)

May 14: North Bay to West Nipissing / Sturgeon Falls (23 miles)

May 15: Sturgeon Falls to Markstay (32 miles)

May 16: Markstay to Sudbury (24 miles)

May 17: Sudbury to Nairn (27 miles)

May 18: Nairn to Espanola (17 miles)

May 19: Espanola to Sables-Spanish Rivers (18 miles)

May 20: Sables-Spanish Rivers to Blind River (44 miles)

May 21: Blind River to Iron Bridge (16 miles)

May 22: Iron Bridge to Thessalon (18 miles)

May 23: Thessalon to Tarbutt Additional (25 miles)

May 24: Tarbutt Additional to Sault Ste-Marie (28 miles)

May 25-29: Sault-Ste Marie to Wawa (137 miles… some serious wilderness here, if you live anywhere between those two places, please get in touch!)

May 30-31: Wawa to White River (56 miles)

June 1-2: White River to Marathon (58 miles)

June 3-5: Marathon to Red Rock (127 miles)

June 6-7: Red Rock to Thunder Bay (67 miles)

June 8: (rest day in Thunder Bay)

June 9: Thunder Bay to Shabaqua (36 miles)

June 10-11: Shabaqua to Upsala (48 miles)

June 12 (my 25th birthday): Upsala to Martin (38 miles)

June 13: Martin to Ignace (32 miles)

June 14: Ignace to Borups Corners (35 miles)

June 15: Borups Corners to Dryden (31 miles)

June 16: Dryden to Vermilion Bay (28 miles)

June 17-18: Vermilion Bay to Kenora (58 miles)

June 19: Kenora to Clearwater Bay (18 miles)

June 20: Clearwater Bay to Falcon Lake, MB (25 miles)

June 21: Falcon Lake to Hadashville (29 miles)

June 22: Hadashville to Ste. Anne (36 miles)

June 23: Ste. Anne to Winnipeg (29 miles)

June 24: (rest day in Winnipeg)

June 25: Winnipeg to Portage la Prairie (53 miles)

June 26: Portage la Prairie to MacGregor (23 miles)

June 27: MacGregor to Carberry (28 miles)

June 28: Carberry to Brandon (30 miles)

June 29: Brandon to Virden (48 miles), or alternatively stop at Griswold (25 miles past Brandon)

June 30: Virden to Moosomin, SK (40 miles)

July 1 (Canada Day): Moosomin to Whitewood (31 miles)

July 2: Whitewood to Grenfell (31 miles)

July 3: Grenfell to Qu’Appelle (44 miles)

July 4: Qu’Appelle to Regina (35 miles)

July 5: Regina to Moose Jaw (45 miles)

July 6: Moose Jaw to Mortlach (25 miles)

July 7-8: Mortlach to Morse (45 miles, camp along the way)

July 9: Morse to Swift Current (38 miles)

July 10: Swift Current to Gull Lake (35 miles)

July 11: Gull Lake to Piapot (32 miles)

July 12: Piapot to Walsh, AB (43 miles)

July 13: Walsh to Medicine Hat (33 miles)

July 14: Medicine Hat to Suffield (25 miles)

July 15: Suffield to Brooks (41 miles)

July 16: Brooks to Bassano (32 miles)

July 17: Bassano to Gleichen (30 miles)

July 18: Gleichen to Strathmore (26 miles)

July 19: Strathmore to Calgary (30 miles)

July 20: (rest day in Calgary)

July 21-23: Calgary to Banff (89 miles)

July 24-25: Banff to Lake Louise (45 miles)

July 26: Lake Louise to Field, BC (16 miles)

July 27: Field to Golden (35 miles)

July 28-29: Golden to Glacier (53 miles)

July 30: Glacier to Revelstoke (39 miles)

July 31: Revelstoke to Sicamous (45 miles)

August 1: Sicamous to Salmon Arm (19 miles)

August 2: (rest day in Salmon Arm)

August 3: Salmon Arm to Chase (33 miles)

August 4: Chase to Kamloops (35 miles)

August 5: Kamloops to Lac le Jeune (22 miles)

August 6: Lac le Jeune to Merritt (32 miles)

August 7: Merritt to Coldwater River Provincial Park (32 miles)

August 8: CRPP to Coquihalla River Recreation Area (28 miles)

August 9: CRRA to Hope (18 miles)

August 10: Hope to Chilliwack (34 miles)

August 11: Chilliwack to Abbotsford (21 miles)

August 12-13: Abbotsford to Vancouver (52 miles, final destination Spanish Bank Beach)

August 14-16: I’ll be done! I want to see Vancouver for at least a couple days before I fly back to Montreal, though.


~ by edmundmilly on December 28, 2011.

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